Getting your COVID-19 Test in Nicaragua

As of today, Jan 13th, 2021, there is only one proper COVID-19 testing center in Nicaragua. The testing center is located within Hospital Conchita Palacios Central MINSA which is the main government medical center for disease control.

Requirements for getting the test vary based on the reason you are getting the test done. The requirements depend on ‘why’ you are getting the test done. Options include

  • International Travel Requirement
  • Possible Contagion (feeling sick)
  • Potential Job Requirement

Getting COVID-19 Test for International Travel – Requirements

On January 12, 2021 there was a big announcement from the CDC stating that various countries will now require a Negative Covid-19 Test for travelers entering their borders. This requirement will be applicable for all travelers or only non nationals, depending on your destination. You will need to check in with the country of destination for specific requirements since many – including the USA, Canada, Nicaragua and New Zealand) are now requiring the negative test (with 24 to 72 hours expiration) to enter their territory.

In order to get the test, passengers must have their passports and their confirmed Travel documents printed out. This proof is needed in order for the testing center to administer the test.

Getting COVID-19 Test Due to Symptoms

Step one is to call the COVid-19 hotline and report symptoms. Call 132 from any local Nicaragua Phone line to get assistance (in Spanish).

In order to get a test because of a possible exposure to Covid-19, you must fulfill a few requirements to have the test approved:

1) have a Nicaraguan doctors note approving the test

2) fulfill requirements for the test which include one of the following:

A) proof of having been exposed to someone with covid

B) having traveled abroad within 14 days of requesting the test and having at-least two corresponding symptoms.

Cost of COVID-19 Test

Cost for a COViD-19 test in Nicaragua is US $150, paid in cash at the hospital or at the bank. Below is the Bank information translated directly from the hospital notice posted directly on their window.

Be ready with proper ID (Local Nicaraguan Cédula or a passport) in case they ask you to deposit the US $150.00 in a bank account of their choosing.

Hospital Conchita Palacios

Address: Costado Oeste Colonia Primero de Mayo. Hospital Conchita Palacios Managua, Nicaragua. Click here for Google maps location

Facebook Link for Hospital Conchita Palacios page (no other websites found)

Thanks to Calvin Wong for sending this image to me. Please see translation of text below.

Directly translated from Printed post on the Hospital Window:

Dear User:

The requirements to have the COVID Test -19 test done are the following:

  • Time of Attention: Monday to Saturday from 7:00AM to 10:40am (Collection of samples)
  • Results to be provided the same day, in the same place where the collection of your sample was taken, during the afternoon hours of 2:00PM to 5:00PM
  • Cost of the Test is USD $150.00 (One hundred and fifty US Dollars)
  • Payment in US dollars, Córdoba’s or via Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard). This payment can be made at the cashier desk for MINSA or in BANPRO (the bank) in the following accounts: Cordobas : C$10010002253784 in the name of TGR-MINSA. US Dollars U$ 10010012253774 in the name of TGR-MINSA
  • The Covid-19 Test must be done within 24 to 72 hours before you travel depending on your destination. One must take into account that this test expires in 72 hours (from the moment the sample is taken).
  • You will need to present: A) Nicaragua ID – Cedula B) Confirmation of your travel Itinerary C) Voucher of Payment for test.


These recommendations were posted by Deborah Hayman on a FaceBook Group early January 2021.

PCR Testing in Managua – I did my test yesterday as each time seems to change a bit:

  1. Pay at the bank and take your receipt so you go to the front of the queue when you get through, others are paying there that takes time.
  2. Arrive at 7am and register that you have paid (at 7.10 there was a long queue, but only 2 of us had paid.
  3. Then you wait until they lead you over to the testing área, unless you have been before and know where to go.
  4. They will give you a form to complete when you arrive at the testing area, take a pen.
  5. You then wait your turn to go in for the test (best to make your own mind up about the test, best to try and relax and take a deep breath)
  6. Testing starts at 8am in the order that you arrive at the testing area.
  7. If you are in that first group being tested, go back to the testing area at 1.30 (you might have to wait till they start, but again you will be at the front and there will not be many people) go inside the testing office and give them your receipt and wait for them to call your name. I had mine by 2pm and left.
  8. CHECK YOUR DETAILS ARE CORRECT BEFORE LEAVING. My birthdate was wrong and had to be changed
  9. There is a place at the front opposite where you can get copies if needed. I have had a copy taken off me once in San Salvador but nowhere else.
    Safe travels

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