Blue Zone

Did you know, there are only 5 blue Zones in the world?

What are Blue Zones any way and why are they special? Well Blue Zones are special because it has given curious scientists who like to observe reasons on what creates longevity on ones live. when I say longevity I don’t mean adding on the years, I mean actually living our more of your years than the average person in the world. There is a higher concentration of people growing old (past 100 yrs) in Blue Zones than most other places in the world.

  • Ikaria, Greece. This island eight miles off the coast of Turkey.
  • Okinawa, Japan.
  • Ogliastra Region, Sardinia.
  • Loma Linda, California.
  • Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica – There are our very close neighbors, basic family… In San Juan del Sur, it is said we share the same terrain as them, the same heritage and the same familial geneology trees (every one is related here) so we can say that since we are so close, we are on the edge of a BLUE Zone!

Some speculate tat its due to the terrain, the salt in the air, the minerals in the ocean, the quality of foods that are native to the area… other says its the culture and care of ones elders, the fact that they are treated with respect and honored, others think its all the in the genes. Truthfully, its probably a combinations of it all.

In san Juan del Sur, and Nicaragua in general, we have great respect for our elders. we are largely a country of farmers. Many of our local traditions are intertwined with farming and religious practices. All you need to do is spend some time int he country, immerse yourself in the local holidays and traditionsand you’ll be able to connect the dots yourself.

The food that grows best in these areas are all highly nutritious and seasonal. Everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to seafood in seasonal around here. if you enjoy Mango, Avocado, Papaya, Squash, corn and beans, you can leave well all year round! The fish change according to the currents. We get the humble current for 3/4 months out of the year, the cooler water bring a variety of fish we don’t see the rest of the year. Locals are happy to adapt and enjoy what ever the ocean brings. Some of the more common fish the local families enjoy most include Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi aka Dorado, yellow fin tuna and there is always octopus, lobster and shrimp to enjoy around here.

In terms of genes, this is an extra special place! this is a historic Port city and it was the main point for crossing the isthmus during the bold days of the Gold Rush, before the existence of the Panama Canal. Many a travelers came though this small town of San Juan del Sur, and left their seed among local women. this natural blend genes has created some of the wildest combinations and also some of the most naturally attractive people in the country!

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