Relocation Tips

Relocation to a new country is easy as long as you have prepared correctly in advance. Some of the different way s to prepare for the big move can be started various months in advance.

Relocation Paper work to Prepare: when preparing the paper work to relocate to a new country permanently, it is best to speak with a well versed lawyer for immigration in advance, so you can have a better understanding of any legal processing of paperwork prior to leaving your country of origin.

  1. Renew you Passport, Drivers License and make sure you have originals documents of birth certificates or naturalization documents for each person in your family. Some may need to be certified or apostilled in your home country.
  2. Power of Attorney for your legal matters back home. it is important you leave a legal representative to handle your legal matters back home incase there is an emergency in your absence.
  3. Income TAX Paper work for the last two years
  4. Letter from your current bank stating how long you have been banking with them, signed by bank attendant on formal letterhead stationary.
  5. If retiree with Pension, then have pension documentation.

Packing List Recommendations – packing lists change according to each persons needs but some still always stay the same. when relocating you must pack your passport, your identification cards, drivers license, original birth certificates and any formal education diplomas required for work.

  1. Packing list for remote working – nomads/techies
  2. Packing list for family with kids
  3. Packing list for foodies.

Prepare Your home Base before departing for Nicaragua – although your plan is to leave a country permanently,, you roots will always be in your country of origin and legal document will always need to be sourced here for your new residency in a new country. for this reason it is best that you prepare to be able to reach out to someone in your country of origin, should you need help with attaining any legal paperwork.

  1. Mail forwarding – Since many formal government and banking agencies still provide legal notice via mail, it is important to have a formal address in your home country. Hopefully someone can check your mail and notify of anything important happening.
  2. Banking – Have active bank accounts with at least two different banks. Always have a back up bank account incase your bank decided to close you freeze your account for some reason.
  3. Power of Attorney for legal matters left behind whether business, personal or legal.

Traveling with Pets – Each country and airline has it own rules and regulations concerning permits for pets to travel. It is important you contact the airline for the rules traveling with pets in cabin and via cargo. In most cases, pets do require international travel permits / visas from your home country. In order to receive these, you must contact your veterinarian and request the list of required vaccinations intended for pet travel.

In USA, these are the steps i had to follow in order to travel with my pet in 2018.

  1. Contact the airline for their pet travel paperwork. You will likely need to provide a reservation code.
  2. Contact the veterinarian for an appointment within 10 day of travel for any necessary shots and a general check up. This review check up should be a follow up check up to an initial check up incase your pet has any pending medical issues that must be resolved prior to travel. Make sure to take the airline docs with you to the final vet check up and ask them to fill it out and sign.
  3. Once airline documentation is completed by Veterinarian with permit to sign international pet travel docs, you must go to the closest USDA office for the US government to review said documents and allow the pets to travel internationally.

Traveling by Car – The only way to travel through the various borders in Central America is by having the original deed to the car in your name. The name on the title must exactly the same as the name on the passport. On each border you will need to provide the paper work for your entry into the country with the original stamps, insurance and driving permits plus photocopies of each of your legal documents for the car. for more detailed information on traveling by car from Nicaragua to neighboring countries, click here.


Phones in Nicaragua work with SIM chips. The two major companies available are Claro (red) and Tigo (blue). If coming from USA, there are few things you will need to do.

  1. We suggest you switch over to TMobile and get on their global plan, before you leave the country. It’s about $25 a month and provide very very basic international data (enough to text and that is it).
  2. Make sure your phone gets a factory unlock. Call Apple or whome very you bought your phone from and make sure they unlock your phone for you before you leave the home.
  3. Get a really good quality phone cover and extra screen protectores!
  4. Do your best to have family and friends to download and use whatsapp. it’s one of the few ways you will be able to send each other video, text and pics with out additional charges across any device.

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