Playa Escameca Grande is a beautiful, secluded, light sandy beach just passed the famous Playa Yankee, a few km south of San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua. San Juan Del Sur is without a doubt Nicaragua’s coolest surf town from where more than half a dozen surf beaches are accessible, including Playa Escameca Grande. It is a hub of activities where you can find everything you need from groceries to nightlife to surf wax but if you are looking for peace and quiet in a surreal tropical setting, Playa Escameca might be what you have been searching for.

Located only 2 km away from the popular Playa Coco, where restaurants and other conveniences await you, Escameca beach is a quiet and serene place where only the sounds of waves crashing, howler monkeys and other exotic little creatures will disturb your inner Zen. Playa Escameca Grande also has a respectable surf break that is somewhat of a secret spot, mostly unknown to tourist, so if surfing nice waves without a crowd is what want, you will find it here!

The drive to Playa Escameca is an approximately 20 minute affaire and takes you through Nicaragua’s most stunning landscapes. While on the road, look around and feast your eyes on spectacular hills and mountains full of tropical vegetation and Nicaragua’s exotic fauna. Put your smartphone aside and be sure not to miss Nicaragua’s meadows where you can witness what happy horses and cows really look like; roaming freely in gorgeous fields of gold and green. Don’t forget to watch the road for iguanas crossing and cute little grey squirrels!

Because of its remote location, Playa Escameca remains mostly wild and untouched by men. Only very few real estate opportunities exist here, making it an oasis for individuals searching for that perfect place to live in close contact with nature yet not too far from civilization and modern conveniences. Wake up in the morning to the sound of the Pacific Ocean and exotic birds and less than 30 minutes later, watch people go by on the streets of San Juan Del Sur, siting at the bar and sipping on a delicious Café Latte from the popular Barrio Café bistro. If you do not want to compromise between peaceful living and modern comfort, Escameca Grande truly offers the best of both worlds; solitude and serenity with easy access to the more developed Playa Coco and minutes away from the exciting tourist town of San Juan Del Sur.

If you are contemplating purchasing real estate in Nicaragua, be sure to take a look at Costa Dulce; an exciting development on 43 acres of land, divided in two neighborhoods. The neighborhood of Ocho Senderos overlooks Playa Yankee and offers 18 intimate oceanfront home sites. The area of the development located in the foothills of Playa Escameca Grande is called Los Altos and consists of 31 residential lots. Each plot is approximately 1/3 of an acre and comes with sweeping views of the area and the Pacific Ocean as well as easy access to the beach and surf of Playa Escameca.

The surf break at Escameca Grande is a fun beach break with a river mouth and a sandy bottom. It is not the most consistent in the Rivas province, but it is not very well known either, making it one of the least crowded surf spot in Nicaragua. The ideal surf conditions at Escameca are a swell coming from the South-Southwest, a tide from mid to high and off course, offshore winds. This surf spot is great for beginners but is also offers fun waves for the more advanced surfers as well. If what you are interested in is a surf spot with easy waves where you don’t have to compete with a crowd, give Playa Escameca a try, it’s worth it!