Buying Property

When buying property in Nicaragua you will need a lawyer and require the following document in order to ensure the basic paper work is complete:

  1. “Libertad de Gravamen” (document is valid for 1 year)
  2. “Solvencia Municipal” (document is valid for 1 year)
  3. “Escritura / Testimonio Original”
  4. “Mapa Registrado con Catastro” (document is valid for 1 year)

Other documents that may be required depending on the location of your desired property include:

  1. ‘Aval’ de comite Fronterizo
  2. Carta de “No Objección” from the PGR office
  3. ‘Aval’ de catastro – Ley de Costas

In some cases, depending on the origin of the title and the age of the title, some additional document may be required, among these:

  1. Corrección de area – Registro y Catastro
  2. Carta donde el alcalde confirma que le gobierno no tiene ningún parte interesada en la propiedad