Nicaragua Travel Update & COVID Requirements

COVID UPDATE & Requirements – Sept 21, 2020

So many people asking similar questions about Travel to Nicaragua and COVID-19 So here is some info! *** Please see updates to this post at the bottom of the page***

The Borders of Nicaragua are open to all countries. All visitor must comply with Nicaragua’s VISA requirements and COVID-19 testing as per Nicaraguan Government mandate. In an attempt to answer some questions concerning COVID we have collected some info we hope you find useful. Please verify and confirm all the info below with the airlines, the Nicaraguan Embassy and/or Ministry of Health Officials closest to you.

  • Commercial Flights via Avianca Airlines have successfully resumed to Nicaragua as of Sept 19th, 2020.
  • Baggage allowance must be reviewed with the airlines prior to booking as there may be restrictions concerning the number of bags you can travel with.
  • All privately chartered flights coordinated by Tour Operators using Avianca as their carrier have been canceled.
  • COVID TEST is needed in order to enter Nicaragua. Please confirm with Your airline what kind COVID TEST is accepted. As fare as we know, the exact test required by the Nicaragua Ministry of Health is a “Real -Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for COVID-19 (Hisopada), also known as quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) carried out in a period no longer than 72 hours before entering the country. The name of the test in the United States is : RT PCR, Molecular Biology, amplification of the RNA f the SARS-COV2 Virus – performed by a a pharyngeal and Nasophasyngeal swab. NOT to be confused with an RT_PC (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction.)
  • KIDS COVID test is required without limitation to age. Yes, infants also require the COVID Test.
  • Responsibility – it is the passengers responsibility to confirm with the laboratory where the test is performed that it is the same test required by the Nicaraguan, health authorities.
  • Test results must be provided to the airlines and the Ministry of health for confirmation of permission to enter the country at least 24 hours of before checking into you flight. ** Updated Sept 22nd Avianca Requests 36 hrs in advance.** link to Avianca notice provided below.

As Commercial flights begin to enter the country, we look forward to having visitors come and enjoy the country, safely and responsibly. Masks are required in many government and private business establishments and per managements indications.

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Link to Avianca Notice:

Testing Locations in South Florida

Below are some options that were provided to expats within a Private Expat FB group call “Expats in Nicaragua”. These locations have not been verified, please make sure to review the details prior to proceeding and check in with Avianca or the Health Ministry office vía the Nicaraguan Embassy.

*** Past Passengers testimonials of Avianca from Various responses to this Post ***

Remarks below posted by Jacquelyn D Hunter on an Facebook expat group named Expats of Nicaragua – who flew to Nicaragua on Sept 19, 2020:

  • “many passengers got turned away bc (because) avian informed them they were not on the approved list from minus”
  • “it seems some people sent in the Covid results by email too late”
  • “i heard minsa claimed to not have received part of the results”
  • “I saw a couple people turned away bc (because) they had PCR test and not the RN PCR or RNA PCR test results.”
  • “I even saw one girl turned away at the gate bc she didn’t have her Covid results printed out”

Remarks below posted by Jeffrey Finch in Repainse to a question by John Robertson in the Expats in Nicaragua Facebook group group.

  • I was on the 26th 4A MIA > MGA flight that connected in SAL. I’m here so there’s that.
  • Have your test paperwork in hand at all times. Take your test and submit the results as instructed. I saw dozens of people “on the list” who did not get approval from MINSA prior to departure and they were denied boarding. Immediately. “Next…”
  • The check-in for Avianca was a NIGHTMARE. I was there 3.5 hours early due to my connecting flight. I got through the line 3.5 hours later. It was a mess. Allow time and pack patience.
  • In SAL we had to sit in a gate area and pass through security upon entry and if you left you had to do it again.
  • In MGA it was actually not bad at all. Plenty of staff working. The aduanas inspectors though are on high alert. Nearly half the plane seemed to be in that line, luckily I was first and it only took 30 mins for me. I have to return to MINSA main office next week to retrieve and verify my vitamins and amino acid supplements.
  • And they charged me $3 cash on the spot for a fee for two bags of coffee beans (I know, they are special and a gift) stating it was some sort of domestic product fee. I have the paperwork somewhere. END


  1. Test results must be provided to the airlines and the Ministry of health for confirmation of permission to enter the country at least 24 hours of before checking into you flight.

    Is it 24hours? I read it was 36hrs???

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