Peña Rota

Playa Pena Rota, which translated means “Broken Rock”,  is a quiet and adorable, secluded little cove located over the bluff, south of Nicaragua’s popular surf mecca; San Juan Del Sur.  Only five minutes away from the hub of San Juan Del Sur, this beautiful, small pebble and sand beach is an oasis of tranquility and peace. Characterized by its impressive rock formation where the Pacific Ocean explodes in an awe inspiring display of the power of Mother Nature, Pena Rota is a place where you can be in complete seclusion and enjoy a perfect communion with the nature all around you. The beach itself is beautifully curved and covered in multi-colored pebbles and light sand.  Pena Rota is a place where you can enjoy a peaceful walk on the shore while listening to the sound of Nicaragua’s famous primate, the howler monkey, as well other exotic creatures like parrots and iguanas. For the individual in quest of a break from the loud and busy world that surrounds us; the area around Pena Rota offers the possibility of reaching profound relaxation; just sit and listen to the sound of waves crashing on the “Gorilla”; a magnificent rock sticking out of the sea and enjoy one of the most unspoiled, secluded tropical beach in Nicaragua. The breathtaking natural setting of Pena Rota is perfect for someone searching for peaceful solitude and yet, the beach is only a five minute drive from the surf town of San Juan Del Sur where you can enjoy many delicious restaurants, an exciting night life and a plethora of activities available for the young and not so young. From San Juan Del Sur you can also access a great number of surf beaches, including Playa Pena Rota, all located only a few km away north and south of the town center.

Pena Rota cove with its verdant environment where bird life abounds and its isolated location is an interesting place that offers many promises. With outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean, Whale sighting in the winter months, the sounds of howler monkeys and the abundant exotic wildlife everywhere, it has yet to really reach its stride in the real estate game. Mostly untouched by men, it offers amazing possibilities and affordable dreams for someone looking for the perfect location to settle down or invest in Nicaragua, where the tourist industry is the fastest growing in all of Central America.

The surf at Playa Pena Rota is mostly seasonal and unfortunately not the most consistent among the surf breaks in southern Nicaragua but when Pena Rota is working, it is one of the greatest surf around. Because this surf spot is a bit inconsistent it is not very popular with the tourists, making it a well-guarded secret only for those in the know.  Pena Rota is a reef break with hazards like rocks and sea urchins; so obviously, it is not a surf spot for beginners or learners. The break works best at high tide on a swell of at least 0.5 meters high and when the swell comes from the South-Southwest and the wind blow offshore, this wave can be really fun and exciting! Pay a visit to Pena Rota next time you are in Nicaragua, you will not regret you did!