Quality of Life

Quality of Life means different things to different people. Some people believe quality of Loy of come from external factors such as Community, geographic location & general surroundings; other believe it comes from internal factors such as mindset, emotional balance a nutrition.

Quality of Life really is all of the above. There must be a balance between the external and internal factors to experience quality of life. Not all places are conducive to creating such balance. Trying to balance between work life, personal life or and family time is a whole other ball game.

Geographic Location – Nicaragua is located fairly close to the equator and enjoys pretty amazing weather year round. Depending not he location with in Nicaragua, you will find quite a bit of Biodiversity. This is a small country country that enjoys both pacific and Caribbean coastal shores, mountains, valleys and volcanoes and well as a variety of Lakes and rivers. Thanks to its diversity, it he people of Nicaragua enjoy a variety of foods that are produced by the land and traded internationally while winning multiple awards for the quality produced.

LifeStyle from a local’s Perspective – it is always interesting to see how a new expat will react to the local culture and lifestyle in San Juan del Sur. I thinks its safe to say, the “mañana” mentality is still very much alive and well for many things but we have seen a shift in the local culture to adopt some more international customs as well. It is a beautiful process to see the community become its own unique hybrid taking what is best and applying it locally, whether it be in Work Life, Family Life or Personal Life.

Communities – as the years have gone by we have seen a number of groups of people build communities in San juan del Sur. some of these communities include Retirees, Nomads, Surfers and Families.

Family Life – time you share with loved ones, whether it be chosen family of friends or blood related, spending time with family is an important part of creating a quality life. Dedicating quality time in Nicaragua is easier than most would think, whether its going for a hike, enjoying pool time together or playing board games as a family, quality time is about focused time together.

Work Life – working in Nicaragua online with a job from abroad comes with its challenges. Some challenges include internet connectivity, powers supply and access to high quality equipment. These challenges can be overcome with back up systems. Internet; most of us have 2 or 3 internet systems, 1 hardwired and the others based on wireless data systems. Power Supply; since the power can go out from time to time, its important to have a battery back up system that can help you get past the majority of power outages which can last up to 3 hours. Then there is the hurdle of having access to quality equipment for techy work purposes.

Personal Life – developing a personal life, personal growth is more about you than where you are. Lots of people come to Nicaragua for interior growth because there are less exterior factors that are taking your energy and time from you. Many people come to do 1 year hiatus from work to write books, learn yoga, connect with nature. The lifestyle lends itself to allow you to focus more on you that the hustle and bustle of life in a more developed country.