General Knowledge

Quality of Life

Most who move here and decide to stay have agreed that there is something about the quality of life that is found here that is not easily found in other locations. but what do they mean when they say Quality of life? click here for more info.

Quality of Foods

There is a richness in the food that comes from farm fresh areas. We are lucky to have wonderful fruits and vegetables grown in fields close to where we live. It is incredible to see the local markets fill up with foods grown not more than a 2 hours drive from where you live. However, shopping can be a challenge is your don’t know where to buy certain things. Click here for lots more info on shopping, seasonal foods and local dishes you must give a try!

Quality Education

Like many countries, Nicaragua is has both a public and private schooling systems. Should you like to learn more about options for you kids eductaion in Nicaragua, please click here! We have personally decided to enroll our children in what we believe in the best school in the world, San Juan del Sur Day School located in San Juan del Sur.

Relocation Tips

There are so many thing to prepare once you have decided to move to Nicaragua. Let us help make this easier for you by providing a list of tips to make your move smoother in the long run, click here for me info.

Money Matters 

When traveling to Nicaragua, many have questions about Money Matters. What should I bring with me? Should I use cash, credit cards, Travelers checks? Do people pay in Us Dollar or Cordobas?? Click here for answering and general guidance to these questions.

Residency in Nicaragua

Foreigners can opt to apply for residency in a variety of ways. The process can be cumbersome but its fairly easy in comparison to the application process for residency in many other countries. Click here for more info.

Working in Nicaragua

If you are looking for a job, Nicaragua might not be the first place you’d want to look since getting a work permit isn’t very easy for foreigners. However, the country does tax you on foreigner earned income so its a great place to be based out of if you have a online or remote job that require little more that a stable internet connection. For more info on this and some tips on how to prepare for your remote online job in Nicaragua click here


Nicaragua is a small country with a big heart. Our Healthcare system is has both a public and private sector. The public facilities and managed and run by the government and these benefit all citizens equally. The efforts and care put into growing the healthcare system in the last 20 years is incredible. We are thankful to have a fairly new hospital in San Juan del Sur inaugurated in 2018.






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