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General Questions About Travel to and from Nicaragua:

1) How long does it take to get to Nicaragua from USA?

Depends on your point of departure. Flight from Miami, FortLauderdale, Houston and Dallas usually last about 2:45 minutes to 3 Hours.

2) Do I need a Visa to Travel to Nicaragua?

Technically, US and Canadian Citizens (like most countries) need visa’s to travel to Nicaragua. These visas are processed at point of entry and have a cost of $12 US Dollars (bring exact change in Dollars). Some Countries require processing Visas prior to entering the country, please check with the Nicaragua Embassy closest to you.  

3) Do I need any Vaccinations to travel to Nicaragua?

The answer here depends more so on where you have been than where you are from. Nicaragua has a strict compliance to sure the vaccination of everyone who has travelled to Panama and stayed there a few days, multiple countries in South America, Africa and Asia with their Yellow Fever Shot. The list of countries can be found in the MINSA Website, which is the National Health Department. If you are currently in Nicaragua and plan travel to any of the countries mentioned on the MINSA Website for Yellow Fever, the recommendation is to receive the vaccination at least 2 week prior to departure Sinsa Immigration in Nicaragua requires this vaccine be taken 10 days before returning to Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, the vaccine can be received in one medical establishment located in Managua Nicaragua, ‘Centro de Salud Conchita Palacios’.

4) Can I travel with Pets to Nicaragua?

The short answer to traveling with pets is yes. The reality is, all pets will need valid paperwork (visas) for international travel. You will also need to check with the airlines to make sure your pets is able to travel with you. The answer to this, will dependably and large on your route and the kind of pet you have. Fo more information on the steps for traveling with pets from the United States to Nicaragua, click here.

5) Can I travel with Cameras and Drones?

  • Cameras are allowed to enter the country, you may be asked if you are filming for news entity or for a movie, in which case you will need permits. Cameras for personal use are have no issues.
  • Drones are NOT allowed in Country. Do not attempt to bring one in, as it will be ceased upon entry.

6) Can bring in items for Donation?

  • If you are participating in a medical brigade, you will need to have permission form the Ministry of Health to bring any medical supplies for donation. It is likely, these will be ceased upon entry since national distribution of medicines is controlled by the government.
  • In terms of bringing equipment for donation – There are strict controls in Nicaragua for certain items, regardless of who is bringing these items in. Medical gear is on the list if controlled items. For best results, Contact the Nicaraguan Embassy closest to you for more information.

7) Can I enter the country of Nicaragua with my Car?

YES, you can bring your car to Nicaragua for vacation. Getting it imported (permanently) to Nicaragua is a whole other deal.

  • Said car or vehicle such as a Recreational Vehicle (RV’s) must be in your name. Meaning the Title and Registration must be properly registered in the name of the driver.
  • You will be required to purchase an insurance policy upon entry to the country, regardless of what your insurance company told you.
  • You will be required to provide photocopies of your paperwork upon entry to the country, including the stamps of the country you last exited, your license and registration paperwork.
  • You will be required to pay for a visa for the vehicle – said VISA is given by Immigration and is usually a 30 day maximum.
  • Renewal for vehicle Visas can only be done at the central office and takes more than one day to process.

8) What are some of the items that I will most likely be stopped at Customs for?

  • Brand New Computers in the box
  • Telephones In the Box or considered Brand New
  • Walkie Talkies – all of them
  • Two way Radio systems – all of the them
  • Security systems with GPS capabilities – all of them
  • Drones – all of them, they are Very strict about this!
  • Materials for commercialization – any time you bring in 4 or more repeat or very similar of anything (blenders, flip-flops, jeans… anything!) These are considered an attempt to sell items locally and you will be taxed for commercialization.

Anything that has to do with Telecommunications (any GPS enable items) will require permits and various stamps from ENITEL. The process requires visiting various offices and getting lots of signatures. Last time we did this, it took about 3 days of driving around Managua and waiting in offices, till we got everything required and paid all the taxes in order for them to release the items in question from Customs.

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