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Nicaragua is know for producing many of Central Americas Basic stable foods for export, including but not limited to Coffee, beef, dairy products, and basic grains such and rice and beans. Much of the vegetables and fruit that grows naturally in our area is sold and consumed locally via the local municipal markets.

Shopping for food – in a locals life, it is customary for a family to shop for grains in bulk and buy everything else almost daily as needed. Since the municipal markets have little to no refrigeration and the tropical climate doesn’t allow for long term shelf life, the term farm fresh is isn’t known, but very much practiced.

As a local expat, you will adopt some of these customs as your own but will likely want to visit the more established supermarkets a couple of time a month or so. For a list of the stores that many expats like to visit click below:

Food Shopping in San Juan del Sur

Food Shopping in Rivas

Food Shopping in Managua

Cultural Dishes – Nicaragua is known for the many cultural dishes consumed in the various parts of the country. Most will agree that the staple dish is Rice and Beans mix known as Gallo Pinto (pronounced ‘gaiyo peento’). Most of the cultural dishes come from the strong roots the country has to the indigenous traditions. many of the dishes include some form of corn, pork and locally sourced vegetables. Depending on the region the dish is known for, they may also include seafood. For a list of the the top 3 cultural dishes you must try on your next visit, please lick here.

Staple Dishes – We then come to the more staple dishes which have been adopted by the local people and have become part of the local traditional fair for street foods and meals prepared for larger gatherings. Among the more popular street foods is “Fritanga” Beef and chicken cooked on a grill and served with a cabbage salad and plantain chips. Tostones con queso, are fried plantains served with cheese and usually accompanied by inedible a cabbage garnish. Raspados, shaved ice treat topped with a simple syrup flavored with a fruit conserve. For more details info on Stable dishes found around Nicaragua please click here!

Seasonal Fruits – although the country doesn’t experience the traditional 4 seasons most are accustomed to, in Nicaragua we basically separate seasons into wet and dry. for some regions, we include “windy” season as well, as is the case for the Southern Pacific Coast of the country, this includes San Juan del Sur and Tola. Given the change in seasons, there fruits and vegetables available become seasonal. Some of the more popular seasonal fruits are Mangoes and Avocados, these are more readily available from March to September. For a list of fruits and vegetables you will learn more about when you decide to visit, click here!

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