Learn the Laws

As an investor, its important to learn the laws that affect your ability to invest in Real Estate along the coasts in Nicaragua.  What should you know before visiting and investing in land or in a retirement home? To learn more about each law mentioned below, grab a code in your receipt to the $5

Border Law

So many people talking about this Boarder Law, how will that affect your ability to purchase land in Nicaragua? What areas exactly and home land is affected by this law?

Coastal Law

So are you considering buying a beachfront property? Make sure you know everything you need to knowing then talk to one of our recommended Real Estate lawyer.

Law 306

This is a law that has been largely discussed in investor circles in the country.

Title vs Concession

This one can be confusing. For more info, click here since it really all depends on history of the particular piece of Land.

Residencial Law

When setting up a piece of land for development, the developer must understand if the they will connect to city services or if they will need to provide services privately for the homes.