Escuela Adelante

This is a lovely bilingual school started by a wonderful woman named Jamie Hunter.

This school began from a deep seeded need to give the community what they so deeply wanted. the community wants their children to speak english and understand foreign cultures. Jamie was the right woman for the job. Jamie came to Nicaragua about 2010. She volunteered with a wonderful program that helped the local children, who were traditionally not encouraged to go to school past the grade 6, to fall in love with learning and continue on in their quest for knowledge.

Jamie did programs with computers education (some kids hd never touched a computer before, art classes – again something very different for them, math study groups, learn english, learn about organic farming, create play writes and so much more. Needless to say, she feel in love with the community and decided to start her own school.

Jamie was able to get a partner and some investors together to start building this big dream. Today in 2020, Jamie has a school of about 40 kids. all her kids are in primary school. The learning happens a great deal in Spanish but she house found ways to incorporate the english in order to keep in line with her initial calling to interrogate the varying cultures that float in and out of san Juan del Sur, as does naturally in a port town.