Some of the locations we able to assist you with include the following:

San Juan del Sur

remax town logo copySan Juan del Sur is well known as a small beach town that has blossomed into a bustling Surf Center with varied night life.  In 2017, there were more than 73 registered restaurants and dozens of hotels ready to receive tourists from all over the world.Its incredible to see the growth in San Juan del Sur happen before your eyes. With a number of beaches both North and South of San Juan del Sur, the development in the area is prime for large scale projects.


Hacienda Iguana Beachfront in TolaTola is well know for its incredible Surf Spots and various Large properties than have been developed as residential and resort style living complexes. In 2017, there has been a great amount of registered growth with smaller Boutique Hotels popping up here and there. With the various beaches and long spread areas, there is much growth expected in the area in the coming years. As banks, and Mini Plazas get built, we will soon see more and more independent homes being built along the roads.



Central Coast

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