Top 5 Pro Tips for Pandemic Travel to Nicaragua Via Costa Rica

Travel to Nicaragua via Costa Rica during Pandemic

Time sensitive as things change and this was written on July 27th 2021

So you are thinking of coming Nicaragua but the connections arent the best. Great News, Liberia is a Hop skip and a jump away. However the requirements to enter the country of Nicaragua are the same no matter which border, or form of transport, you decide to use.

All persons entering Nicaragua, no matter the age, will need an RT-PCR nasal swab Test with Negative results in Your name performed within 72 hours of your entry time to Nicaragua. Having trouble finding a place to do one? Ask for help from your Trusted RE/MAX Agent in Nicaragua or Contact us via a facebook group names Expat Life in Nicaragua. We look forward to seeing you inside the group!

As of September 17th 2021, to enter Costa Rica you will either need a Vaccine Card or Health Insurance.

1) Health insurance that specifically states it will – ‘cover your medical costs in Costa Rica’. we used the following company and had no problems buying the insurance two days before my travel.

2) Health Pass be required, you will either need to provide your Covid Vaccine info or your insurance info.

Health pass:

3) Onward Travel – Costa Rica requires you to provide proof that you are leaving. Whether its a ticket to leave Costa Rica via air, via a tour bus from a formal tour compnay or just a Tica Bus ticket.

This onward travel (airline ticket) option must be booked atleast 7 to 10 days in advance, cost is roughly $12 USD per person

Personally, this didn’t work for me because I did it all 2 days before travel, and unknowingly waited too long.

Pandemic Travel Pro Tip #1

I went online and booked a ticabus ticket tany corresponded with my insurance. This cost was $29 dollars per one way ticket. Nicaragua may sometimes request proof that you are leaving the country upon entry, so you may want to book the ticket leaving Nicaragua As well. – currently you will need to provide the Costa Rican health pass, which still needs the insurance.

Pandemic Travel Pro Tip #2

If you are in Costa Rica for 10 hours or less, you will not need to pay the Costa Rican exit tax at the border becuase you will be consider a passenger in Transit.

Onces you have arrived and are ready to travel through to the border with Nicaragua. You will need to produce your (preferably printed) negative RT-PCR Test for the Nicaraguan health office MINsA located right at the entrance of the immigration building.

Pandemic Travel Pro Tip #3

Get a free RT PCR test at one of the multiple locations in Miami Dade County. Results were provided via email within 24 hours.

You can also get an RT PCR Test in Costa Rica. Depending on you time of arrival, you may need to stay in Costa Rica upto 2 nights. There are various spots in Liberia will list a couple here shortly.

Pandemic Travel Pro Tip #4

Technically** to get into Nicaragua, you are supposed to fill the form attached. The filled form is supposed to be submitted 36 to 24 hours in advance of entry to Nicaragua via email to

The above #4 has not been enforced for land travel via Costa Rica for a few months but its important to keep this info as it may become pertinent once again and it’s best you are aware.

Once you health check has been approved via Minsa, Then your customs fun begins!

Pandemic Pro Tip #5

Remember they are looking to tax items such as:

  • Multiple (2 or more) computers, phones or tablets
  • Anything with GPS systems (routers, online security cameras etc)
  • Car parts, video equioment (led ring lights and such)
  • when you have repeats (4 or more) of anything! It can be taxed as a potential
    Commercial endeavor.

Hope you all have safe travels and enjoy the ride! We look forward to welcoming you once the Pandemic travel worries have melted away as you sip on a drink at the beach upon arrival in San Juan del Sur!

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