Playa El Yankee is a spectacular beach approximately 1 km long, bordered by a luxuriant tropical forest and gorgeous hills. It is located roughly 15 km south of San Juan Del Sur; Nicaragua’s famous tourist destination and surfing mecca. The drive to Yankee beach from San Juan takes usually 20 to 30 minutes and is almost as breathtaking as the beach itself. The road passes through Nicaragua’s beautiful countryside with views of magnificent mountains in the distance, dense tropical forests full of life and stunning meadows where cows and horses roam freely. When you finally arrive at Yankee beach, you are not disappointed by its untouched beauty and its fun, challenging waves.

Playa Yankee is somewhat of a secret surf spot amongst surfers here in Nicaragua so it is much less frequented than the most popular beaches such as Playa Maderas and Playa Remanso. It is known locally for its fun, tough wave it is not for beginners: Playa Yankee is difficult a surf spot for the more advanced surfers with a left wedge break that delivers nice tubes every once in a while. There is also a beach break close to the middle of the beach and if the conditions are right, you might be able to surf the right point break at the north end. Playa Yankee is one of those waves that hold size pretty well and the perfect conditions to surf this spot are mid to high tide and a swell coming from the south-southwest. The wind in southern Nicaragua blows offshore most of the time because of the size and proximity of Lake Nicaragua, so you practically never have to worry about blown out sessions. If you want to surf slightly tougher, uncrowded waves, this could be just the break for you.

Playa Yankee is a place for the more adventurous travellers; those who like to walk off the beaten path. You will find no surfboard rental hut or restaurant on the beach here, as the area around is still wild and untamed. If you walk on the beach you will notice how striking the coast line is, with its long stretch of light colored sand beach bordered by jungle and the jagged rocks sticking out of the ocean where the waves explode in scary displays of Mother Nature’s power. One thing you will find plenty of at Yankee beach are beautiful exotic trees to hang your hammock from where you can relax and listen to the sounds of wildlife around you and the waves crashing on the shore.

But Playa Yankee is not only a fantastic place to visit if you are on vacation; it is also an unbelievable place to live. For those looking for a tropical home away from home with ocean views and exotic wildlife in the backyard, Playa Yankee may be for you. There certainly are interesting real estate opportunities there, like the Cantamar de Yankee development. Cantamar de Yankee is more than 100 home lots, each with easy access to the beach and surf of Playa Yankee. It is located in the mountainside immediately overlooking playa Yankee and offers lots with astonishing views of the Pacific Ocean.


Another attractive development is Costa Dulce; a boutique oceanfront community built on 43 acres of stunning tropical forest just south of Playa Yankee. The project is comprised of two residential neighborhoods where a total of only 56 lots for private homes have been approved by the Environmental Ministry of Nicaragua in an effort to protect the pristine surroundings of Playa Yankee and its neighboring beach to the south, Playa Escameca. If you are searching for a peaceful life in a tropical paradise surrounded by jungle with an ocean playground nearby, Playa Yankee might be worth the look!

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