Keiser University

As a young adult, I was worried about not being able to afford going to college in the US or Canada. As it stands, I quickly found out I had nothing to worry about, there was a US based University, physically in Nicaragua.

Keiser University isa fairly large University int he US with many Campus locations. The campus in Nicaragua, is located in San Marcos, Carazo, just a sort 40 minutes fsouth of the Capital city of Managua. The University now has a campus/building in Managua as well.

The San marcos Campus has gone though multiple changes and has now settled into what is now know as Kieser University. In the past it was also known as Ave Maria College of the Americas and before that, it was called Mobile University. As you can imagine, this campus has morphed into various entities as the USE accredication offices took their time to figure out what exactly was going on In little Nicaragua!

Well turns out, Nicaragua has a History of being a first mover into all things High Levels of Education. The first University in Central America was founded in Leon. The first Masters Level degree at INCAE (which, is under the umbrella of the Harvard Business Schools) started in Managua, Nicaragua. So it’s not surprising that the first true US based University Degree in Central America figured out how to handle this whole thing (after to some bumps and bruises collected along the way) in little San Marcos, Carazo.

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