Nicaragua Travel Update & COVID Requirements Sept 2021

Written on September 16th 2021

Update to Traveling to and from Nicaragua*

Entry into the United States from Nicaragua

The requirements to enter Nicaragua during the pandemic have stayed the same since the last post regarding the subject. However, there has been a new change regarding the importation of rapid AG tests. Starting a few months ago you were able to use rapid AG tests sold at in order to enter the United States, saving time & money that would have normally been spent going to the government’s PCR testing facilities in Managua. 

However, as of last month (august 2021) the importation of these tests is no longer permitted.  So please, if you are planning on visiting Nicaragua soon and were planning on using a Rapid AG test to re-enter the United States its best that you make plans during your travel to visit one of the government’s PCR testing facilities to complete your test and acquire your COVID test results.  The good news is that MINSA can now email you the results so that you don’t have to remain in Managua for the results. More information on the dedicated page regarding ‘Getting your COVID-19 Test in Nicaragua.’

Entry into Nicaragua via Costa Rica

You still must complete a PCR Test from your home country in order to enter Nicaragua, however, this is not the case for entry into Costa Rica. As well, if you are fully vaccinated and can show proof, you no longer have to purchase insurance when entering Costa Rica. Previously one of the requirements to enter Costa Rica was purchasing insurance for a minimum of five days.  As of August 2021 the Costa Rican government is no longer requiring this if you are properly fully vaccinated.  

Once in Costa Rica its about a 75-90 minute drive to the land border Peñas Blancas.  Once at Peñas Blancas, provided you have a printed out valid, negative PCR test you’ll be able to show your results to the border control officers and be permitted to start the immigration process.

The PCR test can be completed at a number of free testing sites located throughout the United States and Canada as well as the pop-up tents outside of the Liberia, Costa Rica airport. Personally speaking my family and I have used the, free, relatively quick service provided by the website and their drive-through service to complete our PCR tests. They are located around every major metropolitan area in the United States and you will usually get your results back within 24 hours. You can schedule your

Visit the website
Pick from a number of different locations surrounding almost all metropolitan areas
Pick a time to either visit their kiosk or drive thru the testing site. After this step you’ll need to provide your information

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