Welcome 2021

Happy New Year – Welcome 2021 😎 Buh Bye 2020. This 2020 has not been an easy one for many around the globe. Here in San Juan del Sur, we have endured many a hardships but we have come out…

Top 10 Unspoken Expat Rules on International Travel & ‘Muling’ Etiquette for Expat Friends!

In many cases, the more accurate definition of Muling, becomes ‘begging’ your friends who travel to bring something back for you…

Top 3 Pandemic Travel Tips “How to Get to Nicaragua”

Whether you are looking to relocate full time, part time or just travel for Tourism, the following are some tips that will make your goal of getting to Nicaragua possible! For avid travelers, as of today (Nov 2020), it seems…

Border Crossing Costa Rica to Nicaragua 2020 & flights from Houston

Crossing the Land Border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua in 2020 and what is involved in being able to to this.

Flying from Miami to Managua during the COVID Pandemic on AVIANCA

Where to get tested in Miami and what I did to get on the approved list to get back into Nicaragua during the Pandemic.

Flying from Managua to Miami during the COVID Pandemic on AVIANCA

What is it like to fly to Miami from Managua during Covid? Will I need a Covid test to enter USA?

Nicaragua Travel Update & COVID Requirements

COVID UPDATE & Requirements – Sept 21, 2020 So many people asking similar questions about Travel to Nicaragua and COVID-19 So here is some info! *** Please see updates to this post at the bottom of the page*** The Borders…

YES Nicaragua!

Yes, Nicaragua is classified as a developing country (being financially poor affects our people in various ways – not all is negative). Yes, Nicaragua is considered the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere (financially poor but considerably healthy! I…

You’ve got Mail! Tips on how to get your International Mail in Nicaragua

Correos de Nicaragua = Snail Mail in Nicaragua It seems complicated at first but very simple once you understand the international and developing country components involved! It’s always so exiting to get the notice – You’ve Got Mail! Receiving international…

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