Can I use my phone in Nicaragua?

Can I use my phone in Nicaragua?

Most likely Yes… As long as it is Factory unlocked. If you do bring your phone with you, do yourself a favor and complete all these steps below, before setting foot on the plane ✈️

1) Confirm that you phone is now factory unlocked. Call your service provider or phone manufacturer and ask them to check or just go ahead and factory unlock your phone. It can be done remotely, over the phone. You will likey need your phones serial number and other details so have that ready. DO not tell them you are moving, just say you are travelling for a month or so and need to have it unlocked.

2) Once the phone is factory unlocked, call your provider and ask them to make sure you have an E-SIM (Electronic Sim Card) this is a necessary step. This way the physical chip space is used by the New physical chip in Nicaragua. You can buy one for $3 or less here, just remember to buy ‘minutes’ or (Saldo), so you can activate Claro or Movistar data.

3) Download and Activate Whatsapp. You must activate it while still in your home country! So make sure it works cause Nicaragua is a very Whatsapp friendly country and everyone will want you to have so they can communicate with you with out having to spend their previous Minutes (Saldo).

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